What is NES?

NES is not simply a diagnostic tool; it also provides a prescription for healing the energy disruptions identified. NES is the result of over 30 years of research and application of a combination of Quantum Physics and advanced technology which allows practitioners to scan the body’s energy field. It provides a read-out of 150 physical and emotional distortions of energy and information which are the root cause of illness and serious disease. The presctiption for correcting these distortions is in the form of recommended Infoceuticals which enhance your body’s own natural maintenance, repair, and self-healing capabilities.


 What can NES do for me?

If you are sick, the integrity of your field has been diminished and your body cannot do its job of keeping you healthy and well. NES identifies reduced energy levels and distorted information pathways and recommends Infoceuticals that provide the necessary information to return your body-field to optimal functioning thereby returning your health.


 Is NES invasive?

Not in the least. The device used to read your energy field is similar to the heart monitors you would see on a treadmill in the gym. It’s as simple and easy as placing your hand on a desktop mouse.


 What are Infoceuticals?

Infoceuticals are liquid remedies comprised of water and plant derived minerals imprinted with quantum properties (information). They are used to repair distortions or blockages in the various communication pathways of the body-field. Infoceuticals contain the information needed to return the human body-field to proper functioning.


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