Steps of the Meta-Healing Process

  1. Assess the perception of the Medical Diagnosis or symptom; determine why you think you have this symptom or what had been happening in your life prior to the diagnosis or manifestation of the symptom according to Meta-Healing principles and organ relations.
  2. Determine the specific event or the exact incident of trauma or shock by using the contents of the acronym UDIN – that incident or event must have the following characteristics: It was Unexpected, Dramatic, Isolating, and No strategy could be found to resolve it.
  3. Discuss the incident/event discovering all aspects and attitudes involved and any ramifications of attempts to heal it such as medical interventions, changes in diet or environment, etc.
  4. Counseling to resolve the event along with suggestions to maintain the resolution
  5. Holistic Counseling which would extend to suggestions pertaining to referrals to specialists, diet and supplement suggestions, tools useful in emotional healing that the client can use for a lifetime, exercise, meditation, mindfulness, prayer, journaling, and any modality that would be relevant to healing the lack of ease or dis-ease you have been carrying
  6. Counseling for handling and resolving future issues, events, or incidents so they can be expressed safely and in a constructive way by you, rather than by the your body

These Meta-Healing Process Steps encompass the main tasks of successful healing – RELEASING INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL TOXINS AND REPLACING DEFICIENCIES