Please call for an appointment using the meta-healing process. Sessions can be held using Skype, phone, or in person to help people heal using the steps in the process.

I have been studying cancer and it’s emotional aspect for 20 years and studied the work of Dr. Hamer in 2004. Dr. Hamer developed German New Medicine after having developed Testicular Cancer after his son was murdered.  He has connected specific shocks/traumas to certain organs that are related to them evolution-wise.

I’ve become a Health Coach using derivatives of German New Medicine, which are now more popular In the US.  In addition to being a traditional counselor and a Holistic Counselor I studied META-HEALTH and ACE, which are based on German New Medicine. These involve nutrition,  education on natural treatments, meditation, journaling, as well as trauma resolution.  I would suggest a series of 3 to 6 sessions depending on how deep you would like to go.