Your body is highly intelligent and is always working to keep you alive by healing you and helping you to survive threats to your existence. Where do these threats come from? Many would conclude that threats to survival come from an outside force. And, some do, such as a Tsunami, a plane crash, lightning, viruses, pandemics, and the like. But, in reality, most threats come from your perceptions of what is happening. Those perceptions are created from prior experiences and they give your own personal meaning to events in the present. Your body listens to those thoughts and responds in a way that will protect you.

Meta-Healing is based on the German New Medicine of Dr. R.G. Hamer, Advanced Clearing Energetics of Richard Flook, and Meta-Health of Johannes Fisslinger. As a practitioner of those modalities, I see dis-ease as a survival mechanism and healing response of the body to overcome some type of threat to its existence.



Meta-Healing decodes your body’s intelligence by interpreting the symptoms or signs your body is sending. Your cells, glands, organs, and systems react in a meaningful bio-logical manner when a specific stress or trauma is present. Meta-Healing is very accurate as it is based on embryological, histological, microbiological, anatomical, and psychological perspectives.


The whole person is an energetic unity. There is no organic pathology without emotional disturbances, and there is no emotional illness without physiological consequences. The psychosomatic identity manifests itself in every organism’s energy field.
– Wilhelm Reich