Heal Your Life to Heal Your Body

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U7Fc1sy5SCUDIu4tlJY3_NY_by_PhilippHenzler_philmotion.deJust because we know the steps to healing doesn’t mean that we can heal;

as they say, it’s simple but it isn’t easy! Healing is a personal thing because,

only we can heal ourselves. Others can help us and show us the way but unless

our deep, inner, attitude or way of being changes, we will not heal. And, only

we can do that. As Louise Hay says,




[icon type=”glyphicon glyphicon-leaf” color=”#21759b”] Two Main Tasks to Healing

First. RELEASE TOXINS – Internal and External

Second. REPLACE DEFICIENCIES – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual


WHAT DO I MEAN BY TOXINS, External and Internal?

Toxins are all the detrimental things that keep us from being healthy and cause dis-ease.

Of course, these would include environmental and nutritional “poisons”. These kill us

slowly so be aware of what you are allowing to be around you and in you. Pesticides,

herbicides, GMO’s, EMF’s. air pollution, cleaning products, antibiotics, and hormones

in the feed of the animals we consume are just a few of the many we have to contend

with every day. It’s no wonder our immune systems are in overdrive!! If and when

that happens, chances of surviving cancer and other serious dis-eases are slim.


HOWEVER, as strong and powerful as these toxins are, they take a back seat to

emotional toxins. These toxins are the traumas, negative experiences, shocks,

and the resulting misperceptions, attitudes, and limiting beliefs that control us.

As Candace Pert says, the body is the subconscious mind; and, all of the above

are stored in the subconscious. Our subconscious communicates with us through physical

symptoms such as pain, sensitivities, allergies, organ dysfunction, poor digestion,

rashes, inflexibility, and all of the other physical manifestations we experience.

These subconscious toxins are the ROOT CAUSE of all dis-ease, physical, emotional,

mental, and spiritual; and, they do this by changing our RESONANCE and lowering

our Immunity.

These toxins affect our ENERGY by lowering our vibrational frequency. ENERGY

is information and when these toxins are present they cause blockages which prevent

the needed information to get where it needs to go. Cells signal each other with

this information so that the receiving cell knows what and how to do its job. Without

this information, cells begin to be dysfunctional which is the beginning of dis-ease.

So, in order to heal, we need to address both simple tasks: release toxins and replace

deficiencies caused by environmental and nutritional toxins.


Our IMMUNE SYSTEMS are weakened and become ineffective because of these toxins.

There is no way one can heal without an immune system that is working efficiently!

The body is made of the elements of the earth which are minerals These along with

Vitamins need to be in proper balance and at a level that strengthen the system.

This is what the Meta-Healing Process a certified Meta-Health Coach uses is

able to accomplish. Your blockages will be assessed and identified, toxins in the form

of mental, emotional, and spiritual vibrations will be released, and you will learn how

to address your deficiencies. This is THE WAY TO HEAL!


When we follow these simple steps we are following our Healing Path by living





Why We Get Sick

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Meta-Medicine which has been developed by Johannes Fisslinger and Richard Flook is based on Dr. Hamer’s findings which were discovered and published over 30 years ago. Meta-Medicine and Dr. Hamer’s German New Medicine tell us that there is a biological purpose to a living organism’s struggle for survival which we have come to know as disease. This survival program begins when the organism suffers a threat to its existence and life as it knows it to be. Essentially, we get sick when there has been some type of threat to our survival/existence, usually a fear or loss of some type. During this threat or trauma as we would call it, our bodies are working to get us through the crisis. There are no symptoms when this is going on so that we can focus on tolerating and getting through the trauma. The body undergoes processes of which we are unaware but it is all meant to get us out of trouble which is what the biological purpose is about. Once we are out of danger and the trauma or conflict is over, the body goes into a repair phase. This healing phase is where the symptoms show up and what we call disease. If the healing phase includes extra cells being sent to close up an area that has been widened for a biological purpose such as allowing more fluid or air to get through, these extra cells are now labeled a cancerous tumor.

Every living creature according to Quantum Science has a Field in it and around it that provides the information the organism needs to survive. Rupert Sheldrake has found that these Morphic Fields, as he calls them, are responsible for what we have been calling instinct. So, these biological conflicts are running from the Field. They are processes put in place for an organism to continue to exist as long as it is useful to the herd or the community and is strong enough to survive.

Evolution plays a big part in Meta-Medicine as Dr. Hamer has the brain mapped according to oldest and most recent parts and shows the relays to the related organs. The biological conflict has much to do with the part of the brain involved and what conflicts an organism of that level of existence would be going through. The Brain Stem, the oldest part of the brain, is related to the respiratory system, the digestive system, and the reproductive system. This is because at that level the creature or being was interested in breathing, eating, and procreating. In essence getting a morsel of air, food, and faster reproduction. Here we have involvement of lungs, intestines, pancreas, stomach, adrenals, thyroid, ovaries and testes.

The Cortex, the newest part of the brain, is involved with territorial and separation conflicts. The biological conflicts we encounter are really very similar to the conflicts of the animal world in the wild. We can use what a wolf or deer in the wild goes through in a metaphorical sense but the content is the same. All living creatures goes through these survival conflicts for a biological purpose. The Alpha Wolf or Deer’s territorial dominance issues are not too different from what is happening in the rest of the animal world which does include humans. We are very affected by territorial issues; actually males are more externally territorial, while females are more affected by internal territory. This is Nature – Natural! And, we are part of nature even though we forget this sometimes as we have come to be so technologically oriented and have drifted very far from our natural and original surroundings. However, our survival mechanisms are still intact. We put a different slant on it now, and have added emotion and reasoning to the mix which can be a good thing. But, we can’t forget who and what we are, creatures of the earth with a reasoning mind and an energy body which can be called Spirit or Psyche, the Greek for spirit.

Meta-Medicine learned from Dr. Hamer that each of us is a whole being, actually a Hologram, but that’s another story. We are not just a series of parts that have very little to do with each other. Every trauma or stressful event which is really a biological conflict or threat to our survival happens simultaneously at every level of our existence, body, mind, and psyche or spirit. These cannot be separated as we are so determined to do in today’s world. We can say that every cancer or serious disease or even a headache is caused by our emotions, which, by the way, is how we become aware that something is not right. What the truth is, though, is that emotions and feelings are our bodies making us aware that something isn’t right and needs to be made right so that we can be at ease and not concerned about surviving. Dis-ease as we see it in the Meta-Medicine community is a program the being runs in order to adapt and survive. Dis-ease in this sense is lack of ease which is an emotional uneasiness which, if not resolved, leads to a physical symptom.

Dis-ease begins in our awareness as a feeling but is also imprinted simultaneously on the brain and the organ that is responsible for that aspect of survival. If we don’t pay attention to the feeling or heed its warning we cannot resolve the conflict. The physical manifestation becomes more apparent but its progression can be halted with the resolution of the conflict which promotes survival, the purpose of the survival program. The sooner the conflict is resolved, the better the chances for survival are. That’s why prevention is so important; the kind of prevention that is focused on becoming conscious and aware of what is not right in our world or where we have lack of ease, are in fear, and/or are threatened.

So, is every cancer or disease emotionally caused? Do we get sick becasue of our emotions? It seems so, but the emotion is just the warning; the cause is the threat to survival that automatically begins a survival program leading to resolution of the conflict. Every survival program has a biological purpose that makes perfect sense. A Biological Program is put in place so that the being can survive.

If the person is allowed to go through the survival program while keeping the body strong with the best proteins and foods available, makes the changes in attitude and environment that are needed to feel at ease and safe, seeks out medical assistance that can build his/her body up rather than tear it down, he/she can survive. The degeneration stops when the conflict stops and the regeneration begins when the changes are put into place. If everything doesn’t come together, yes, survival is at risk and death happens. In summary, what we have learned to call disease is actually the body’s or being’s attempt to survive by healing or resolving the conflict or threat to its survival. As Dr. Hamer says, Mother Nature never makes a mistake!

As Above, So Below

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skyaboveI’m sure you have heard this saying many times in your life just as I have. I used to attribute it to meaning something about heaven and earth. And, I believe that still; but there is so much more to the meaning of those words. I’ve been studying Quantum Physics for about 10 years reading everything I could get my hands on. My interest in the Quantum world came about because of my work with EFT, AFT, and all of the other energy technqiues I’ve learned over the years. It is such an interesting area of study and, for me, it seems that the more I know, the more I want or need to know.

Quantum Physics is a verification of the intuitive way people learned and healed beginning thousands of years ago. They did not have the very powerful microscopes that we now use; they had faith that what they were gleaning from the universe was real. And, today, we can verify their findings through the use of modern technology. As I said, the more I know, the more amazed I become, and must know more. It explains all or most of the mysteries or things we’ve wondered about for years.

The most fascinating thing for me to discover was that we have an energy body. I used to think of it as “spirit”, which it is, but I did not realize that it was not only a spiritual belief but it is also a scientific one that Quantum physicists are now proving. Their work has been going on for almost 100 years and these “frontier scientists” are coming up with the same results even though they are not in contact with each other. The ancient Chinese knew about the energy body and mapped out paths that this energy flows through and called them Meridians. These Meridians flow through all of the major organs and give them life or energy or, as they called it, Chi. When these pathways become blocked or the energy becomes distorted, illness or dis-ease results. Incidentally, when we look at the word disease, you can see that illness comes when we are not at ease about something. This is how all illness or dis-ease starts, with lack of ease. The body’s energy flow is distorted. That is part of the “As above, so below” mystery as I see it now. Essentially, when there is a disruption or distrotion in the body’s energy flow, that is the “above”; eventually, if not resolved, it manifests physically or materially, which is the “below”. I’ve come to realize that “As ABove, so Below” means that whatever is in our ‘Energy Field’ is what will manifest in the physical. That is how the ‘unseen’ becomes the ‘seen’.

The Field is full of information which we repeatedly call upon. In addition to the universal Field which we are all a part of, we have an individual Field that we contribute to with our thoughts which , in turn, are joined with the thoughts, feelings, and experiences of our ancestors. Carl Jung called it the “Collective Unconscious”. Read Rupert Sheldrakes’s works for a better understanding of Morphogenetic Fields, as he calls them. Everything that happens here and now is already in the Field and we are constantly adding to the Field because it is dynamic and ever expanding.

The Hindu people in India also had their own concepts that they intuited from the Universe. They found that a human body has energy stations or centers where energy gathers and is then diseminated throughout the body. These centers, or wheels of light, as they are referred to are called Chakras and each Chakra is related to an Endocrine gland. They mapped the body according to the major Chakras, 7 of them, but there are really many more. If you want to study any of the intuitive learnings of the ancient Chinese and Hindu of India, who , by-the-way, call their energy Prana, please go to my recommended reading list. There is plenty to choose from, but I’d start with “The Field” by Lynne McTaggart.

Peter Fraser has accomplished something extremely amazing using his knowledge of the Meridians since he is an Acupuncturist. He has labeled his discovery the Human Body-Field. It coincided with the Chinese findings of Oriental Medicine but also goes beyond that because of the advances in technology available today. Fraser developed Nutri-Energetics which is a computerized program that scans and assesses the Human Body-Field and tells us what is “above’ before it gets “below”, which is real Preventative medicine. He has found that when there is an energy distortion, the body’s information transferral system is off. Information cannot get from one place to another, therefore, the brain or the heart is trying to send information to cells and systems but it is not getting to its destination. The NES system identifies and heals this misinformation process by restoring the correct information pathway. Once restored, the system is back in working order. Basically, the “above” is now correct which, in turn, corrects the “below” and healing takes place. Now, that is progress and the medicine of the future available to us today. It is energy as information which quite soon will become common knowledge.

The Best “Cure-All” on the Planet

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I’m borrowing this article from David Kekich; it’s a summary of sorts of Bruce Lipton’s Biology of Belief. If you haven’t read it yet, this will prompt you to do so.

The Best “Cure All” on the Planet

By David Kekich, Contributing Editor of Beauty, Health and Longevity… offers regular updates and reports on the newest cutting-edge anti-aging, health and beauty steps anyone can take, as well as developing technologies designed to restore one’s youth.

By now, you must know “You are what you think about.” And if you’ve been listening to me long enough, you know your thoughts affect every one of your trillions of cells. Your cells communicate with one another, and what you eat, drink and breathe affects all your cells as well.
You are basically the sum total of your cells. Your cells’ lives are controlled by the physical and energetic environment, and not by their genes. You can even modify your genes without changing their basic blueprint by modifying their environment through changes in your diet, emotions, toxins, stress. And guess what? Those modifications can be passed on to your future generations.

Understanding how your cells respond to your thoughts and perceptions illuminates your path to personal empowerment. This largely determines how you look and feel and how long you live. In fact, only about 5 percent of cancer and cardiovascular patients can attribute their disease to heredity.

In his best-selling book, Biology of Belief, Dr. Bruce H. Lipton describes how biology’s central dogma, that your genes control your life, contains one fatal flaw – genes cannot turn themselves on or off.

When cells are ailing, look first to the cell’s environment for the cause, not to the cell itself. In a healthy environment, cells thrive. They falter in sub-optimal environments. The flow of information in biology starts with an environmental signal, then goes to a regulatory protein which goes to your DNA, RNA, and the end result, a protein.

Dr. Lipton points out the true brain that controls cellular life is the cell’s membrane. The real secret of life does not lie in the famed double helix. It lies in understanding the elegantly simple biological mechanisms of the membrane – the mechanisms by which your body translates environmental signals, including your thoughts, into behavior.

Think of the cell membrane as the equivalent of a silicon chip. Compare the workings of your cells to your personal computer. They are both programmable, and the programmer lies outside the cells. You are the programmer, whether you do it consciously or unconsciously. The cell nucleus is simply a memory disk, a hard drive containing the DNA programs that encode the production of proteins, which in turn govern your biochemistry. Data is entered into the cell via the cell’s receptors, which represent the cell’s “keyboard.” Receptors trigger the membrane’s effector proteins which act as the cell’s Central Processing Unit (CPU). The CPU’s effector proteins convert environmental information into the behavioral language of biology. You have the ability to edit the data you enter into your biocomputers just as surely as I can choose these words I type.

And you do it with the world’s best “cure all”, your mind.

The seemingly separate subdivisions of the mind, the conscious and subconscious, are interdependent. The conscious mind is the creative one that can conjure up positive thoughts. In contrast, the subconscious mind is a repository of stimulus-response tapes derived from instincts and learned experiences. The actions of your subconscious mind are reflexive in nature and are not governed by reason or thinking. It is strictly habitual; it will play the same behavioral responses to life’s signals over and over again. How many times have you found yourself going ballistic over something trivial like another driver cutting you off in traffic? That’s an example of a simple stimulus-response of a behavior program stored in your subconscious.

Endowed with the ability to be self-reflective, the self-conscious mind is extremely powerful. It can observe any programmed behavior you are engaged in, evaluate your behavior, and consciously decide to change your program.

Programmed behavior can come from almost anywhere. Once you accept the perceptions of others as “truths”, their perceptions become hardwired into your own brain. What if they are wrong? What if your teachers give you destructive programming? What if the news reports you get are slanted? Your subconscious works only in the “now”. Programmed misperceptions in your subconscious mind are not monitored and will habitually engage you in destructive and limiting behaviors. You can actively choose how to respond to most environmental signals and to control your beliefs. You can even choose to not respond at all. Your conscious mind’s capacity to override your subconscious mind’s preprogrammed behaviors is the foundation of free will.

Dr. Lipton concludes that beliefs control biology.

The placebo effect is actually a perception or a belief effect. The history of medicine is largely the history of the placebo effect. Arthritic knees are one example. In one study, the placebo effect (fake surgery) improved patients just as much as the other two groups who received surgery. In more than half the clinical trials for the six leading antidepressants, the drugs did not outperform sugar pills. There are thousands of other examples.

When the mind, through positive suggestion improves health, it is referred to as this placebo effect. Conversely, when the same mind is engaged in negative suggestions that can damage health, the negative effects are referred to as the nocebo effect. Doctors’ words and actions can trigger both. You can live or die because you believe you will live or die, and doctors can be responsible for their patients’ recovery or even their death by the messages they communicate to them.

The messages you receive, the messages that reach your cells are the key. You are the gate keeper. To thrive, you need to actively seek a joyful, loving and fulfilling life that stimulates growth. Examine how your fears and the ensuing protection behaviors impact your life. Are any fears stunting your growth? Where did they come from? Are they necessary? Real? Are they contributing to a full life, or are they shortening it?

You can change long-standing limiting beliefs in a matte of minutes. Read Biology of Belief to learn more about the cure all we were born with but too often use in reverse.

The MindBody Connection

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It always puzzles me when someone says that it is absurd to believe that something that we are thinking or feeling can affect our bodies! Are these people robots or just in a state of total denial? Have they never had ‘butterflies in their stomach’ due to being nervous about something, or a pounding heart due to being scared or afraid that something bad is going to happen? Have they never gotten a headache from feeling stressed or overworked and overwhelmed? Didn’t their hearts ever sink or their knees get weak? These physical reactions are among the thousands that we experience all the time because of what we are thinking or feeling about what is happening to us. If they are human, they are experiencing these reactions but refuse to acknowledge the connection between the mind and body or that what is going on in their minds has anything to do with what is going on in their bodies. It is unbelieveable to me that one can be so disconnected from his or her own feelings, thoughts and emotions and to the physical reactions that come from them that they say that the body and mind are not connected! Of course, we can have and do have many good and positive thoughts and we have all, I hope, experienced good feelings of warmth and affection and kindness and know when they are affecting our bodies. It would really be sad if someone does not have these sensations not only in their minds, but also in their bodies. Very sad!

Researchers have proven that humans react at least 10 seconds before they are aware they are reacting*. This is a biological reaction to some type of threat or stress or conflict that a part of that being is aware of before it is at the mind or body level. This is the area that we call the sub-conscious mind that is constantly alert and on duty seeking to protect the being of which it is a part. The sub-conscious mind records everything we think, feel and experience and if something has been unpleasant or dangerous, it immediately is aware of a similar situation and starts a reaction in the body to begin a survival process. This is done automatically as the person does not respond on a conscious level until 10 or so seconds later. This is why working on the sub-conscious mind is so important. It is replaying old tapes and sometimes they fit for a present-day situation, and sometimes they don’t. When they don’t, we can go into a fight/flight/freeze reaction that is not needed or appropriate at the present time. When they are appropriate, they can be life-saving.

Unfortunately, many psychological problems develop when the sub-conscious over-rides the conscious mind. The sub-conscious needs to be set straight sometimes and that is the work of psychotherapists and counselors. When it serves us right, it serves us well; but, we must be aware of what is going on sub-consciously. In other words, we must make the sub-conscious conscious. That is the way to prevent and heal the physical reactions that the sub-conscious triggers. To deny these reactions, or messages as we see them, is to disassociate from who and what we are. So, feel your feelings, think your thoughts, and know how you are responding to them. You are in charge!

These are the kinds of things that German New Medicine, Meta-Medicine, Energy Psychology and NES do for us, MAKE THE SUB-CONSCIOUS CONSCIOUS. Carolyn Myss, the famous medical intuitive, tells us that the body is the sub-conscious mind. Ancient mystics and healers from China and India have mapped the body using Meridians and Chakras, energy pathways and energy centers. Present day healers have learned from the ancients that the body is a map of our consciousness. Those of us who have studied this ancient work are able to read that map so we can help those who want this kind of information to know what thoughts are causing the particular symptom they are experiencing. Quantum Physics is now able to prove that much of what the mystics of the past knew intuitively can now be shown with modern day technology to be true.

If you want to learn more about this work go to my Recommended Reading List and you will find many books on this particular topic. We can do our best healing when we combine the best of modern day findings with the best of the intuitive findings of the past. Unfortunately, our intuition took a big hit when we disassociated ourselves from the earth and our true nature. That is what evolution is all about, I suppose, and if it is natural, we can find our way if we want to. It may take a little more work and initiative than depending on someone else to give us a drug to make us all better, but that is what true healing is about, much more than just covering-up symptoms.


Signals in the brain show that people can settle on a decision before they consciously know it, according to a study in the journal Nature. Activity in two brain regions predicted which button a person would choose to press as much as 10 seconds before they were aware of making the decision the study of brain scans showed. The findings suggest choices are initiated by instincts or unconscious mental processes that dictate to the conscious mind. “By the time we consciously make up our minds. the brain has heavily shaped how we are going to decide,” said study author Professor John-Dylan Haynes of the Bernstein Center for Computatinal Neuroscience in Berlin.

NES and Emotions

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One of the main reasons I became a NES practitioner is because of the emotional component.  When you get a NES scan, the emotional findings are very revealing and specifically targeted to the point that most clients cannot believe what they are seeing and hearing because if they wanted to hide something, they see that they cannot.  That’s all good because we have to Face It, Embrace it, Release it and Erase it!

The emotional component of NES is based on the work of Dr. R.G. Hamer whose work I have studied and use in my practice of Holistic Counseling.  I have some posts about Dr. Hamer’s work that you can review if interested.  I’m interested in the emotional aspect and the stress component of disease and Dr. Hamer’s work, German New Medicine, GNM, is a validation of that approach.  What I like particularly about the NES program is that it depicts for the client the part of the brain that is affected by the particular stress, the organ that is affected by that particular stress, and the particular stress itself, in general terms, of course.  But, most people have no problem relating that to something going on in their lives that has been bothering them.  We do that kind of work when using GNM, but the NES program gives those results from the Body-Field Scan which I find truly amazing.  It’s all mapped out on the computer screen.  We can also tell if that organ and its stressor is a top priority or not that much of a priority at the present time.  Really fantastic!

Someone’s scan may show that their teeth are being affected in some way which means that there is a conflict of “not being able to bite” due to being bullied or devlaued in some way.  A scan can show that the Adrenals are being affected which is a conflict of “having been thrown off course, of going in the wrong direction”.   The Ovaries are affected when there is a Profound Loss conflict due to death or leaving.  The bones are affected when there is severe self-devaluation conflcit such as in menopausal women in our society which then becomes diagnosed as Osteoporosis.  Mammary glands are affected when there is a worry or argument conflict;  and, here it gets really interesting because if it is a right-handed woman and the right breast, it is with a partner and if it is the left breast it is with a mother or child.  Ductal breast issues have to do with separation from either a partner/equal or a mother or child.

These are just some of the examples from GNM and NES which help clients to understand how their thoughts and perceptions are affecting their physicality.  This work, both GNM and NES, has been 30 plus years in the making and Dr. Hamer bases his findings on the hundreds of clients he has had over the past 30 years.  I have found it proves to be right on the mark when working with clients, family, friends, and myself.   This kind of information is invaluable if one is interested in resolving conflicts in order to be healthy.   With GNM and NES there is no guesswork; we know what’s bothering you even if you don’t.  This type of work gets very good results when a person makes the changes called for to resolve the conflict.  However, it is most powerful when used as prevention so that the issue or stress is resolved before it reaches the physical level.  See my post on Prevention.  Help yourself to stay healthy by getting a NES Scan