Just because we know the steps to healing doesn’t mean that we can heal;

as they say, it’s simple but it isn’t easy!  Healing is a personal thing because,

only we can heal ourselves.  Others can help us and show us the way but unless

our deep, inner, attitude or way of being changes, we will not heal. And, only

we can do that.  As Louise Hay says,




1.  RELEASE TOXINS – Internal and External

2. REPLACE DEFICIENCIES – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual


WHAT DO I MEAN BY TOXINS?  External and Internal Toxins

Toxins are all the detrimental things that keep us from being healthy and cause dis-ease.

Of course, these would include environmental and nutritional “poisons”.   These kill us

slowly so be aware of what you are allowing to be around you and in you.  Pesticides,

herbicides, GMO’s, EMF’s. air pollution, cleaning products, antibiotics, and hormones

in the feed of the animals we consume are just a few of the many we have to contend

with every day.  It’s no wonder our immune systems are in overdrive!! If and when

that happens, chances of surviving cancer and other serious dis-eases are slim.


HOWEVER, as strong and powerful as these toxins are, they take a back seat to

emotional toxins.  These toxins are the traumas, negative experiences, shocks,

and the resulting misperceptions, attitudes, and limiting beliefs that control us.

As Candace Pert says, the body is the subconscious mind; and, all of the above

are stored in the subconscious.  Our subconscious communicates with us through physical

symptoms such as pain, sensitivities, allergies, organ dysfunction, poor digestion,

rashes, inflexibility, and all of the other physical manifestations we experience.

These subc0nscious toxins are the ROOT CAUSE of all dis-ease, physical, emotional,

mental, and spiritual; and, they do this by changing our RESONANCE.

These toxins affect our ENERGY by lowering our vibrational frequency.  ENERGY

is information and when these toxins are present they cause blockages which prevent

the needed information to get where it needs to go.  Cells signal each other with

this information so that the receiving cell knows what and how to do its job.  Without

this information, cells begin to be dysfunctional which is the beginning of dis-ease.

So, in order to heal, we need to address both simple steps: release toxins and replace

deficiencies caused by environmental and nutritional toxins.

Our IMMUNE SYSTEMS are weakened and become ineffective because of these toxins.

There is no way one can heal without an immune system that is working efficiently!

The body is made of the elements of the earth which are minerals  These along with

Vitamins need to be in proper balance and at a level that strengthen the system.

This is what the Meta-Healing Process a certified Meta-Health Coach uses is

able to accomplish.  Your blockages will be assessed and identified, toxins in the form

of mental, emotional, and spiritual vibrations will be released, and you will learn how

to address your deficiencies.  This is THE WAY TO HEAL!

When we follow these simple steps we are following our Healing Path by living


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