The MindBody Connection

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It always puzzles me when someone says that it is absurd to believe that something that we are thinking or feeling can affect our bodies! Are these people robots or just in a state of total denial? Have they never had ‘butterflies in their stomach’ due to being nervous about something, or a pounding heart due to being scared or afraid that something bad is going to happen? Have they never gotten a headache from feeling stressed or overworked and overwhelmed? Didn’t their hearts ever sink or their knees get weak? These physical reactions are among the thousands that we experience all the time because of what we are thinking or feeling about what is happening to us. If they are human, they are experiencing these reactions but refuse to acknowledge the connection between the mind and body or that what is going on in their minds has anything to do with what is going on in their bodies. It is unbelieveable to me that one can be so disconnected from his or her own feelings, thoughts and emotions and to the physical reactions that come from them that they say that the body and mind are not connected! Of course, we can have and do have many good and positive thoughts and we have all, I hope, experienced good feelings of warmth and affection and kindness and know when they are affecting our bodies. It would really be sad if someone does not have these sensations not only in their minds, but also in their bodies. Very sad!

Researchers have proven that humans react at least 10 seconds before they are aware they are reacting*. This is a biological reaction to some type of threat or stress or conflict that a part of that being is aware of before it is at the mind or body level. This is the area that we call the sub-conscious mind that is constantly alert and on duty seeking to protect the being of which it is a part. The sub-conscious mind records everything we think, feel and experience and if something has been unpleasant or dangerous, it immediately is aware of a similar situation and starts a reaction in the body to begin a survival process. This is done automatically as the person does not respond on a conscious level until 10 or so seconds later. This is why working on the sub-conscious mind is so important. It is replaying old tapes and sometimes they fit for a present-day situation, and sometimes they don’t. When they don’t, we can go into a fight/flight/freeze reaction that is not needed or appropriate at the present time. When they are appropriate, they can be life-saving.

Unfortunately, many psychological problems develop when the sub-conscious over-rides the conscious mind. The sub-conscious needs to be set straight sometimes and that is the work of psychotherapists and counselors. When it serves us right, it serves us well; but, we must be aware of what is going on sub-consciously. In other words, we must make the sub-conscious conscious. That is the way to prevent and heal the physical reactions that the sub-conscious triggers. To deny these reactions, or messages as we see them, is to disassociate from who and what we are. So, feel your feelings, think your thoughts, and know how you are responding to them. You are in charge!

These are the kinds of things that German New Medicine, Meta-Medicine, Energy Psychology and NES do for us, MAKE THE SUB-CONSCIOUS CONSCIOUS. Carolyn Myss, the famous medical intuitive, tells us that the body is the sub-conscious mind. Ancient mystics and healers from China and India have mapped the body using Meridians and Chakras, energy pathways and energy centers. Present day healers have learned from the ancients that the body is a map of our consciousness. Those of us who have studied this ancient work are able to read that map so we can help those who want this kind of information to know what thoughts are causing the particular symptom they are experiencing. Quantum Physics is now able to prove that much of what the mystics of the past knew intuitively can now be shown with modern day technology to be true.

If you want to learn more about this work go to my Recommended Reading List and you will find many books on this particular topic. We can do our best healing when we combine the best of modern day findings with the best of the intuitive findings of the past. Unfortunately, our intuition took a big hit when we disassociated ourselves from the earth and our true nature. That is what evolution is all about, I suppose, and if it is natural, we can find our way if we want to. It may take a little more work and initiative than depending on someone else to give us a drug to make us all better, but that is what true healing is about, much more than just covering-up symptoms.


Signals in the brain show that people can settle on a decision before they consciously know it, according to a study in the journal Nature. Activity in two brain regions predicted which button a person would choose to press as much as 10 seconds before they were aware of making the decision the study of brain scans showed. The findings suggest choices are initiated by instincts or unconscious mental processes that dictate to the conscious mind. “By the time we consciously make up our minds. the brain has heavily shaped how we are going to decide,” said study author Professor John-Dylan Haynes of the Bernstein Center for Computatinal Neuroscience in Berlin.